17th December – dr Wouter run 2022

On the 17th of December, staff members of the hospital will run 10km to raise money for running costs and to create awareness of the situation! Financial problems are common here in Sierra Leone, but this year the extreme inflation of 30% is causing more and more problems. All medication, supplies and food became much more expensive. The hospital beds are almost always completely full to provide health care for the surrounding area with 500.000 inhabitants. 

So we kindly ask for your help! Please donate any amount, so we can take care of our patients!

Thank you so much for your support.


Fracture course 2022

This was the first time we had this fracture course in Masanga Hospital: a group of surgical students were trained in external fixation for bone fractures. A very important skill because road traffic accidents resulting in open fractures are seen daily here.  Wouter ten Cate (trauma surgeon) and Pim Bongers (AIGT and surgeon in training) from ZGT Almelo gave a successful training and plans were made for the future. With the new Emergency Unit, Masanga Hospital is aiming to become a trauma centre, so more training in trauma care is needed. To be continued!


Memorial ceremony in Masanga Hospital

Since our beloved dr Wouter Nolet died on the 23rd of November 2019, we started a yearly memorial ceremony on the 23rd of November for all our late staff members. 

This year, we are very sad that again two staff members passed away. 

Lama Bah was a surgical CHO (trained in the Capacare program). He was a friendly, caring and intelligent healthcare worker; he saved many lives.

Yaya Kargbo was a kind and hard working man. For many years he worked for Masanga Hospital as member of the carpentry and maintenance team.