Masanga Hospital is a rural hospital with 120 beds situated in Tonkolili district, centrally located in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone has one of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the world and has a large and unmet medical and surgical need.The catchment area of the hospital is widespread with a poor infrastructure. About 440.000 people are dependent on Masanga Hospital for their health care. We provide (emergency) surgical, obstetrical and paediatric care, as well as general health care for about 12.000 patients per year. This number is increasing every year. This government hospital is supported by the Masanga Hospital Rehabilitation Project (MHRP) since 2006. Besides clinical care, MHRP focuses on capacity building by providing education and promoting medical research. We believe this contributes to sustainable and high quality health care in a country with only 200 medical doctors.

Our staff consists of 4 international doctors trained in global health and tropical medicine. Furthermore, we have 2 permanent Community Health Officers (CHO) managing the outpatient department and 3 midwives ensuring safe deliveries. Our team is continuously supported by 8 students of the surgical training program, who are not only trained in surgery, but also in emergency and obstetrical care. In the operating theatre we have 2 specialized anesthesia nurses taking care of patients during surgery. And off course, the most important for the quality of care in our Hospital are the 40 nurses who work day and night to provide good quality healthcare.

Every year we admit around 2500 patients and we see around 8000 patients in our outpatient department. We have an emergency unit with about 800 admissions yearly. The cases we see range from acute surgical problems to medical emergencies like acute heart failure and infectious diseases like HIV. On our isolation ward we treat patients with tuberculosis or suspected viral hemorrhagic fever. Five hundred babies are safely delivered in our labor ward every year and we conduct about 1000 surgical procedures annually, ranging from emergency laparotomies to skin grafts for chronic wound patients. With 600 admission a year pediatrics is one of our busiest wards, most children admitted here suffer from malaria, acute watery diarrhea or pneumonia.

Together with your help we can continue our battle to reduce high child mortality and maternal mortality and ensure good quality healthcare for the people who need it the most.

You can find our latest annual reports here: 2022 (coming soon), 2021 & 2020.

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