Masanga hospital started as a Leprosy Hospital, sponsored by the Seventh Day Adventist in the 60’s, which was well known nationally for its good quality healthcare. During the civil war (1991 to 2002) it was used as a base by the rebels. The hospital was destroyed and had to close in 1997. The people of Masanga village kept hope and continued to maintain the hospital grounds.

After the war in 2006, Dr. Peter Bo Jorgensen and the Danish organization Masanga Denmark came to Masanga and found the hospital in a terrible state. Buildings were destroyed and many people had no access to healthcare. Together with a group of UK based Sierra Leonean Adventists (SLAA), he decided that this hospital and it’s people needed urgent help. This led to an agreement with the Government of Sierra Leone and the establishment of the Masanga Hospital Rehabilitation Project (MHRP). The aim of this project was to support Masanga Hospital for a period of 20 years and to re-open and rehabilitate the hospital with the objective to make it fully independent of international donors in 2026.

Since then, more NGO support came in; Masanga Netherlands, Masanga United Kingdom and the Norwegian organization CapaCare joined the MHRP. Incredible progress was made in a relatively short time frame. The hospital has thrived for the last 13 years providing healthcare to people the of Tonkolili district and beyond. Some of the other achievements were the opening of a nursing college in 2011 and the Surgical Training Program of CapaCare, which trains clinical health officers in essential surgical and obstetrical care. Furthermore, the project has started a Medical Research Unit in 2018 aiming to help Sierra Leonean health care professionals to do medical research.

Masanga Hospital is known again in Sierra Leone as a center for training and for good quality medical care. But the vision for the hospital remained the same; to make Masanga Hospital fully independent before 2026. With your help we can make this reality.

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