The Masanga Medical Research Unit (MMRU), our platform to promote medical research in Sierra Leone, was started in 2018 by professor Martin P. Grobusch. Due to a lack of education and resources only little is known about the epidemiology and the best treatment for diseases in Sierra Leone. The MMRU aims to bring Sierra Leonean healthcare professionals in contact with a large network of international partners to perform medical research together. We hope to improve access of Sierra Leonean researchers to academic degrees, and, at the same time, to improve patient care at Masanga Hospital and beyond.

Find us on ResearchGate for an overview of previous conducted studies and manuscripts: click here!

Research currently performed by the MMRU:

  • Prevalence study: in 2019 we performed a household study into the prevalence of surgical conditions. Over 1800 households will be surveyed in the whole of Sierra Leone.
  • Wound study: as little is known about the etiology of chronic wounds in Sierra Leone, Jonathan Vas Nunes is performing a knowledge, attitude and practice study into this subject.
  • Maternity study: Hanna Mathéron is currently leading research into the prevalence and pathogen identification of peripartum infections in Sierra Leone.
  • 3D printer project: In 2018, Lars Brouwers and Merel van der Stelt started research into the employability of a 3D printer in Sierra Leone in the making of (personalized) medical aids. More information about this can be found on their website: 3D Sierra Leone.
  • Temperature Methods Study: in 2021 the UK doctors started a study to identify the accuracy of different temperature methods in humid & hot Masanga.
  • Dental abscess study: In 2020 the tropical doctors in training started a case series in collaboration with Lion Heart Medical Center to identify the characteristics of this often fatal disease. In 2021 we aim to start an observational study for a 1 year period.
  • Microbiological epidemiology of various infectious diseases (e.g. Skin and soft tissue infections). For that purpose, we are currently implementing molecular and culture-based microbiological diagnostics for research and patients’ care, supported by “Klinikpartnerschaften” (link to and Instritute of Medical Microbiology, University Hospital Münster (link to

Contact us

To be involved with the MMRU, to propose research or to assist in funding opportunities for the MMRU, please send an e-mail to our general manager Ms Ika Septihandayani at

You can download our submission form and submission guidelines to apply for new research projects. They will be reviewed by the Scientific Review Committee of the Masanga Medical Research Unit.

The board of the MMRU consists of:

  • Professor Martin P. Grobusch, Director of the MMRU
  • Ms Ika Septihandayani, General Manager of the MMRU
  • Peter Bo Jørgensen, Surgeon and Founder MHRP
  • Emil Kelling, Medical Superintendent Masanga Hospital

Our partners

To accomplish our mission we have partnered with national and international institutions. Among those are: CapaCare, University of Amsterdam, University of Leeds, University of Münster, Statistics Sierra Leone, Mercy Hospital Research Laboratories, District Health Management Team Tonkolili District and the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

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