Why we are campaigning now:

Over the past 13 years, Masanga Hospital has treated thousands of patients and contributed to the future of healthcare in rural Sierra Leone by providing clinical training to healthcare professionals. As we are constantly aiming to increase our impact, our patient and student numbers are also growing. Just last year our patient load increased with 40%, from about 7.500 patients to 10.500 patients. The government of Sierra Leone is fast-tracking the governmental funding for the hospital but there’s still a transition period to bridge. Without funding we will have to start turning patients away. 

What we can do with you donation:

By donating to the More for Masanga campaign you enable us to continue delivering high quality healthcare and education. Your funds will be put towards employee salaries, medication and consumables such as diesel for our generator that provides electricity for the hospital. Funds will also be allocated to  maintenance and replacement of hospital equipment. Basically, your money will keep the hospital running, saving lives and educating students, during the transition period to full governmental funding. 

Our goal for 2020:

Our goal is to raise €50.000 by April 2020. Your donation will make a huge difference in keeping the hospital running during the transition period.

You can also choose to donate on a monthly basis, providing us with reliable funds during the transition period.

Our vision for 2024:

Our vision for Masanga Hospital is to become truly sustainable, owned and operated by and for the people of Sierra Leone. The government of Sierra Leone has already agreed to gradually taking over financial responsibility of Masanga Hospital. This process will be completed in 2024, when the hospital will be fully financially government-supported. International involvement will still exist with specific healthcare projects, with research and of course with capacity building.