17th December – dr Wouter run 2022

On the 17th of December, staff members of the hospital will run 10km to raise money for running costs and to create awareness of the situation! Financial problems are common here in Sierra Leone, but this year the extreme inflation of 30% is causing more and more problems. All medication, supplies and food became much more expensive. The hospital beds are almost always completely full to provide health care for the surrounding area with 500.000 inhabitants. 

So we kindly ask for your help! Please donate any amount, so we can take care of our patients!

Thank you so much for your support.


Fracture course 2022

This was the first time we had this fracture course in Masanga Hospital: a group of surgical students were trained in external fixation for bone fractures. A very important skill because road traffic accidents resulting in open fractures are seen daily here.  Wouter ten Cate (trauma surgeon) and Pim Bongers (AIGT and surgeon in training) from ZGT Almelo gave a successful training and plans were made for the future. With the new Emergency Unit, Masanga Hospital is aiming to become a trauma centre, so more training in trauma care is needed. To be continued!


Memorial ceremony in Masanga Hospital

Since our beloved dr Wouter Nolet died on the 23rd of November 2019, we started a yearly memorial ceremony on the 23rd of November for all our late staff members. 

This year, we are very sad that again two staff members passed away. 

Lama Bah was a surgical CHO (trained in the Capacare program). He was a friendly, caring and intelligent healthcare worker; he saved many lives.

Yaya Kargbo was a kind and hard working man. For many years he worked for Masanga Hospital as member of the carpentry and maintenance team.


Press statement by CapaCare International

Trondheim Norway, 24 November 2019

It is with great sorrow to announce that one of our colleagues passed away last night in Leiden University Medical Centre. He contracted Lassa fever during his clinical work at the Masanga hospital in Sierra Leone.
We are very grateful for having had him in our team to strengthen the healthcare system in Sierra Leone. We admired his knowledge, capacity and passion to improve access to surgical care in the country. The way he was able to provide his patients the best possible treatment and his students thoughtful guidance never stopped to impress us.
Lassa fever is an acute viral illness. Humans become infected through contact with the excreta of infected rats or by close person-to-person contacts (through bodily fluids). Lassa fever is endemic in the rodent population in parts of West Africa. Infections of Lassa occur annually in West Africa and causing by estimation 100,000 to 300,000 infections per year.
Also, one other Global Health and Tropical Medicine doctor and a local nurse has tested positive for Lassa fever. The doctor is repatriated to the Netherlands while the nurse is isolated in a specialized Lassa fever treatment centre in Sierra Leone. International healthcare workers that had contact with the Lassa patients are repatriated.
The healthcare in this hospital has been taken care of by other doctors to ensure best possible treatment. CapaCare has until further notice stopped all training and research activities.
CapaCare and its Dutch affiliation (CapaCare Netherlands), are closely monitoring the situation on the ground in Sierra Leone, in good collaboration with the local authorities and partner organisations, the Ministry of Health and Sanitation of Sierra Leone and the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).
Our hearts are with the family of the deceased, our affected employees and all involved. We give them our greatest sympathy. Please respect their privacy.

Chairman of CapaCare
Dr. Håkon A Bolkan

For any additional information on Lassa Fever we kindly refer to the Dutch RIVM.
References / for more information about Lassa Fever:
RIVM: https://www.rivm.nl/nieuws/patient-met-lassakoorts-overleden-collega-gerepatrieerd
WHO: https://www.who.int/health-topics/lassa-fever
CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/vhf/lassa

More for Masanga

A running start by Alex van Duinen

What a great running start by previous Masanga doctor Alex van Duinen! In order to raise money for the running costs of Masanga Hospital, he asked friends and family to sponsor his running of the Trondheim half marathon. He was able to raise over €3.600 for the campaign. We are most thankful and happy with this great start to our campaign.

Thank you for this great effort Alex! And congratulations on your new record time of 1:49:06.

More for Masanga

More for Masanga: the start

Welcome to the new and revived website of Masanga Hospital! We are glad to have you.

Today marks the day of the start of our new campaign: More for Masanga. Our goal is to raise €50.000 towards the running cost of the hospital. To get there we’ll be working together with everyone who feels connected to Masanga in some way. Perhaps you were a volunteer, a resident doctor or a visiting trainer. Or perhaps you were a family member or friend of someone who spent time in Masanga!

We know that everyone who has spent some time in Masanga sees how special this place is. And how valuable the services provided by Masanga Hospital are to Sierra Leone. Now we’d like to ask you to share your Masanga experiences with others in our search for more Masanga contributors.

By sharing your experiences with others and asking them to donate to our cause (or by donating directly) you will be helping Masanga Hospital to move towards a sustainable future. With total financial governmental support in 2024.

Thank you for reading and welcome to Masanga!