Welcome to the new and revived website of Masanga Hospital! We are glad to have you.

Today marks the day of the start of our new campaign: More for Masanga. Our goal is to raise €50.000 towards the running cost of the hospital. To get there we’ll be working together with everyone who feels connected to Masanga in some way. Perhaps you were a volunteer, a resident doctor or a visiting trainer. Or perhaps you were a family member or friend of someone who spent time in Masanga!

We know that everyone who has spent some time in Masanga sees how special this place is. And how valuable the services provided by Masanga Hospital are to Sierra Leone. Now we’d like to ask you to share your Masanga experiences with others in our search for more Masanga contributors.

By sharing your experiences with others and asking them to donate to our cause (or by donating directly) you will be helping Masanga Hospital to move towards a sustainable future. With total financial governmental support in 2024.

Thank you for reading and welcome to Masanga!